Manage Learning

Training is meant to be an asset to your agency, not a burden. Standard Four takes the stress out of training upkeep and assists with determining your unique needs as a human service agency.

Hosting (LMS + more)


Standard Four utilizes an industry leading learning management system (LMS) to store your course content reliably and affordably. We impose no limits to the number of courses or users you enroll! 


Features include a unique and recognizable URL with custom branding, content privacy and protection, SCORM/xAPI compatibility, advanced learning evaluation tools, course forums, certificates and badges. In addition to LMS hosting, we also offer hosting services for your training websites, videos, blogs, wikis, and podcasts!


Content Updates


Human services is a constantly evolving field and unfortunately that training you spent thousands on in 2004 hasn't kept up. People change and so does the content you need to train. Standard Four provides on-going content update services to make sure that your curriculum stays relevant. Gone are the days of lost investments in expensive learning materials.

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