Digitize Training

Face-to-face training has the ability to reach broader audiences by being offered online. Digitization does not simply mean putting the same content online, it involves careful evaluation of the existing curriculum and edits to ensure it is suitable for the eLearning environment. Standard Four offers two types of digitization services.


This is more than just uploading a PowerPoint. We analyze what aspects of your training make sense to be offered online. After a thorough design process, we utilize industry leading course authoring software to design an xAPI compliant training. You have the option to self-host or manage your learning with Standard Four. No matter what you choose, your final product is always desktop and mobile friendly.


Your clients and the workforce are becoming increasingly mobile. Sometimes a traditional training module just isn’t appropriate. We can work with you to script and record video content, manage a wiki, design a podcast learning series, publish a blog, and just about anything else you can imagine! Standard Four believes that learning should not be limited to strictly traditional methods.

How we do it
  • Interactive brainstorming, design, and evaluation
  • Coaching to maximize training effectiveness
  • Cutting edge learning technologies

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