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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Training

Every year, social workers like you are trying to earn their 40 hours* of continuing education. Instead of just receiving knowledge, why not start sharing it? Here are the three reasons why you should be training:

  1. You are knowledgeable
    Whether you’ve been in the field for two years or twenty, you’ve got valuable knowledge from your experiences. Social work is a broad field, and the more knowledge we share the better we can help others.
  2. Professional credibility
    Looking to spice up your résumé? Training looks great and shows potential employers or schools that you are a topical expert and therefore a valuable asset.
  3. Extra income
    Last but certainly not least, trainings can make you money! Whether in-person or offered online, social workers across the country are looking to invest in training that will help them do their jobs better.

With Standard Four, you don’t have to fret the logistics of creating and delivering a phenomenal training. You will be paired with a social worker who has experience in training development to turn your ideas into a sound educational course.

So that begs the question – why aren’t you training yet? Get in touch today.

*Per Minnesota Board of Social Work requirements, check with the local licensing agency in your jurisdiction for training requirements.